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About our company


GGS Productions

Audiovisual production

Established as an independent company in 2010, GGS Productions is headed by the founder Gonçalo Garcia dos Santos. He graduated in Design in Lisbon and in Audio engineer in SAE Barcelona and made a Audiovisual production Master in Alcalá de Henares University, Madrid.
His extensive experience in the field of production and media and his deep passion for the audiovisual world, has been the key to the success of the company.

GGS Productions is established as advertising video, sound recording, Graphic, web and 3D design and post-production.

Our company works often with new and experienced writers and directors, music composers, 3D and 2D artists, architects and Designers in the development and production for the client demands.


Enca Salguero
Pocas veces he trabajado con alguien tan constante, resolutivo y creativo. Creatividad y profesionalidad que se plasman tanto en la ejecución de proyectos como en la resolución de incidencias. Capaz de cumplir timings imposibles.

— Enca Salguero

Paulina Cerda
Gonçalo ha trabajado durante 1 año con Esteve Teijin en la realización de material audiovisual para el área de Homecare. Durante este tiempo Gonçalo ha demostrado ser un gran profesional con habilidades de gestión de proyectos y una capacidad innovadora para proponer soluciones de calidad a nuestras necesidades... (more in linkedin)

— Paulina Cerda

Tony Leigh
I have known and worked with Gonçalo for many years now and, aside from being friendly and affable, I have always found him to be a most competent and skilled sound engineer and project manager. I would feel totally confident in recommending him to any of my own clients.

— Tony Leigh

Rosa Guillén
Gonçalo es un muy buen profesional. Presta mucha atención a los detalles y se preocupa de que el resultado sea perfecto.

— Rosa Guillén

Farah Targino
Fantastic and always a pleasure to work with!

— Farah Targino