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Video production

We produce films and videos for a wide range of public and private sectors in Spain and Portugal that help companies of all sizes to sell their products and services, gain more customers, train their employees, recruit personnel…

Corporate videos

For any company or institution, corporate videos are essential pieces of media and business combining the power of music and speech,synchronized with moving pictures. They are used mainly to promote and publicize the company.


Advertising, nowadays, is present in everything that surrounds us. At GGS Productions, we work to ensure that your idea becomes reality. We work together with agencies and renowned filmmakers. We depart from the scriptor adapt pre produced films to any international language.

News and Documentaries

If you need to produce a report, highlight any events or local views on social issues, or historical document,something of particular interest involving a local group, national, or international society, send us your project or request a quote.

Music Videos

A music video can be viewed as a short film or video that accompanies a piece of music.
Modern musical videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the artist andrecord sales. There are used various styles of filmmaking techniques, including animation, performance, abstract film or documentary.

Post Production, editing and DVD Authoring

We provide subtitling, graphics and special effects, design covers for CDs and DVDs, DVD authoring and sound adaptation (narration, dubbing, music).

Production services

We offer a variety of shooting locations in Spain and Portugal to foreign film producers.
We provide the opportunity to choose from local talent together with fixed production fees. Why producing in these countries? because we have the best landscapes, beaches, light, spectacular cities and we have the lowest fees in Europe.

Let's make something great together